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Phase Six a team of experienced programmers, designers, and interactive specialists with a unified vision to create smart, agile applications that are responsive to their users. Our obsession with the untapped potential of the internet is a constant driving force in our mission to push the boundaries of what is known to be possible.

This passion serves our clients with innovative solutions, robust applications and optimal foundations to grow on. The result, your users will love you and you will love us.

A few of our particular areas of interest are social community networking, game development, Microformats and portable data sets, and the Semantic Web.

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The Phase Six team is led by Patrick Dowell, founder and lead programmer. Jeremy Anderson leads front-end design and development and Sam Applebaum handles product development and marketing stategy.

In addition, Dan Andreescu brings his years of experience in Java and ASP.NET programming, database design, and implementation to the mix, as our database expert. We specialize in social networking applications, content management systems, MVC frameworks, and AJAX-style applications.

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